Today Siah Design is releasing a set of 9 globes as a free download. Enjoy and share with your friends! [+]


A while back I did a blog post with several free “Follow Me On Twitter” buttons available. I took time the make up a couple more and make the download available as a vector download. Once again, having a twitter button/icon or a “Follow Me On Twitter” button can really draw more attention to your feed and in turn gather more followers.

Feel free to customize the buttons for your twitter username! [+]


The <hr /> command is an html tag that by default creates a black line. It is generally used to divide content. With a bit of CSS, you can easily change the boring black line to something a lot more interesting. I designed 13 PNG files that are free to use for whatever you wish.

For instruction on how to change the CSS for the <hr /> to have an image, please visit this link: HR-Image-Replacement

To download any of the PNGs below, just right click and save to your computer.



A great way to draw more attention to your Twitter feed and to get more people following your Twitter is by posting a “Follow Me On Twitter” button right by the feed.  I took the time to make up some free graphics for anyone that would like to use them. I supplied every version with a GIF with transparent background and a PNG with white background.


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