Sean Norman Aurora Chaser

  I had the privilege of working with Sean Norman from Yellowknife, Yukon, Canada in developing his unique business of taking people to chase the Northern Lights. Icon is inspired… Read More →

Identity Card

Developed for a credit card sized computer that is a smart, secure & convenient way to manage your passwords and critical data. Hidden behind your biometrics and never connected to… Read More →

Visual Matter

Visual Matter is a Perth, Australia based video production company striving to connect brands with their target audience truthfully.

Spud Brothers

Spud Brothers is a start-up fast food joint in California with a focus on gourmet versions of baked potatoes.

Pacific Urban Platform

Pacific Urban Platform is knowledge & information platform that shares information on urban issues from various sources through a dynamic network, and gathers and inspires urban users. I developed an… Read More →


Designed in 2008. Conveys the idea of the bipolar disease with simplicity.


Renovaré is a ministry based in Colorado. They wanted to give their logo a refresh that gave them more of a distinct look. They were hoping to keep the idea of… Read More →

Logo design done for, the industry leader in Doctor/Patient engagement solutions. I developed a monogram that suggested an “H” and two “G”s linked/connected together symbolizing the strong Doctor to… Read More →

Erwin Brothers Entertainment

Logo designed for the Erwin Brothers Entertainment; makers of the box office hits such as Woodlawn, Mom’s Night Out and October Baby. The logo is based on a B29 Fortress flying into the… Read More →