Spencer Weaver

Josiah has excellent design sense and has proven invaluable on the multiple projects I have done with him. He keeps open and clear communication going throughout the design and review process. Highly recommended.

Kerzdenn Kowalchuk

I recently had the opportunity to work with Josiah on a branding/logo job for one of my clients! I was VERY impressed with his quick turn around on the project, especially since we had a tight timeline! Josiah delivered a lineup of creative, well though-out, unique logo designs for my client to review and select. He demonstrated a high level of technical skill and professionalism in all of our video conferences. Looking forward to our next project together!

Megan Coupar Harris

Josiah is a pleasure to work with. He holds his work to a high standard, but is also flexible and has provided us with quick turnaround times when urgent requests arise. He comes up with creative solutions for challenging tasks and every project he has completed has exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Josiah to anyone looking for a professional graphic designer!

William Peters

Josiah created a logo for our company and we are so proud of the work that he did for us. We are now getting him to do more of our company branding because he is easy to work with and very talented. I would highly recommend him.

Chesky Holtzberg

I have worked with Josiah on a few projects and have been very satisfied with each result.

Jean-Marc Le Doux

A genius of logo and icon design, Siah Design (Josiah Jost) is a joy to work with and a creative powerhouse unparalleled in this space. Strongly recommend and would hire him again in a heartbeat!