Logo Published in ‘Los Logos: Compass’ Book

A few months ago Gestalten invited Siah Design participate in their book. They chose to publish the Josephine Publishing logo in the book.

los logos bookThe renowned Los Logos books by Gestalten recently released”Los Logos: Compass“.

josephine logo

The Josephine Publishing logo.

josephine logo

In the book.

You can order and read more about the book here.

NOTE: Earlier in this post I had stated they were publishing 10 logos. Technically, they accepted ten logos – but they only published one.


1 Cor. 10:31

13 thoughts on “Logo Published in ‘Los Logos: Compass’ Book”

  1. Josh Hayes

    Congrats 🙂

    How did you find out what made it in? They wouldn’t tell me.

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  5. Nicole Powel

    Tee, SmartPlumbing…:)))

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  7. Pastor David Schultz

    Hello Brother Josiah! I believe that the Lord has lead me to you. I fell in love with one of your designs and I truly feel it will bring a fresh identity to our church & community for the growth of His Kingdom! We are a small church in Barnwell South Carolina,USA, but the Lord has given me new/fresh vision for 2012… which includes your logo, if I may have your permission to use it. (Profile update #4 June 17th 2009 “Life Fellowship”) I love the “hand in life” theme! Please contact me. Phone – 803 671-2571 or via email. I prayed that the Lord continues to bless you with fresh, new and creative designs! Serving Him Gladly, Pastor D. 🙂

  8. Francine

    Very fine and elegant logo for Josephine Publishing. Good contrast with colors and warmer design.

    Good job

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