Social Bookmarking Sites! A Brief Rundown

How much can these sites increase traffic to your site and bring in clients?

I’ve been doing research lately and following my Google Analytics and I’ve found that a lot, if not the majority, of the traffic comes from social bookmarking sites. It seems nowadays people really rely on these sites to find interesting content. I think it’s definitely worth it to sign up to these sites and submit your blog posts or work to these sites. It may not alway bring in a lot of visitors, but at least it increases the chance of traffic.
Which are the best sites?

13 free Horizontal Ruler (hr) image replacements!

The {hr /} command is an html tag that by default creates a black line. It is generally used to divide content. With a bit of CSS, you can easily change the boring black line to something a lot more interesting. I designed 13 PNG files that are free to use for whatever you wish.

For instruction on how to change the CSS for the hr to have an image, please visit this link: HR-Image-Replacement

To download any of the PNGs below, just right click and save to your computer.


A great way to draw more attention to your Twitter feed and to get more people following your Twitter is by posting a “Follow Me On Twitter” button right by the feed. I took the time to make up some free graphics for anyone that would like to use them. I supplied every version with a GIF with transparent background and a PNG with white background.