Logo Of The Month (#4) Rehab Hospitals

Rehabilitation Hospitals of America
Designer: John Langdon
Art Director: Richard Weiss
rehab center logo

This logo communicates so much with such a simple design. The company’s tag line is “We rebuild lives, step by step by step.”


Josiah Jost
John 10:14-15

12 thoughts on “Logo Of The Month (#4) Rehab Hospitals”

  1. Jesse W

    Wow! Love that one Siah. I looked at it a second before I saw what it was for and it took me a second, but that is epic. Love the simplicity of a slight change on a well known cross symbol.

  2. Stephen

    Dude! That is awesome!

  3. Ariana

    Wow, that does communicate alot! That is so neat!

  4. chris

    Check out John’s other work. He is a great inspiration, and was a great teacher of mine.


  5. da

    is this a dummy logo – Rehabilitation Hospitals of America does not seem to exist – do a search – all you get is the logo.

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