Portfolio Update #3

#1: Filmaps

Profile:Filmaps.com. A site where people can share and discover film locations.


#2: Garden Jot

Profile:A digital media company focused on gardeners. Gardenjot.com

#3: Autonomos de Cantabria en Red

Profile: Designed for EMCANTA by request of ITEISA. Cantabria is a small region in Spain and the logo is an upcoming website for professionals to connect within Cantabria. The shape of Cantabria is presented in the mark.

#4: Called To Business

Profile:Weekly Christian email newsletter/RSS/podcast at calledtobusiness.com offering encouragement and business advice. Resources to equip Christians in the market place. Doves symbolize Christianity and they also could be known for carrying message.
called to business

#5: Luke Collin Photography

Profile: For a friend’s photography business. Very minimalistic design showing a camera made from photographer’s initials.
luke collin

It’s been quite a while since my last portfolio update and I have a few logos that are still in ‘stealth’ that I cannot share until the company/product is launched. I’m really looking forward to sharing those with you, too, a bit later!


Josiah Jost

Deuteronomy 7:9

4 thoughts on “Portfolio Update #3”

  1. Jason Cho


  2. Jordan Harris

    Wow, some fantastic ideas here. Great job!

  3. Jean-Claude

    Siah did a great (completely free) job for our non-profit centre for Deaf children in the Kibera Slums (one of the biggest slums in Africa, at the heart of Nairobi, Kenya).
    On behalf of these children and the others to come I express our sincere gratitude.
    I think this logo deserves to be part of your portfolio Siah!

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