Portfolio Update #4

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well. I’ve been so busy with projects lately I haven’t had time to update my portfolio for awhile. Finally fitting some time in today for it.

And here is some of my recent logo design work:

Nostos Restorations


For Nostos Restorations Ltd. They are a renovations/repair company. The concept is two hands coming together to repair the home. Suggests care and security. Their tagline is “Put your home in good hands.” This logo can be used on their marketing efforts from printed business cards to brochures.

Business card:

biz cards

Life Fellowship
Designed for a church. Integrated a hand raised to form the “L” in the word life. A hand raised to God to represent life. It shows worship and surrender to God and also a sense of community.


BuyCool will be an electronic online store selling top quality electronic products in South Africa. The icon forms a “B” and a “c” that also forms a shopping cart with small electronic item in it.



Customized type for a telecommunications company. The simple type approach with the dot in the “o” represents a fiber optic cable.


Green House
Green House is a deaf aid organization in Kenya for children. The dove’s wings forms an ear symbolizing the potential and freedom deaf children can have at the Green House.

Design Cloud
For a design firm. The “C” subtly forms a cloud.

cloud design

A marketing and consulting business.

turn left

Always love hearing feedback from you all! More work coming soon.

Josiah Jost
Col 3:15-17

9 thoughts on “Portfolio Update #4”

  1. Nathan Sarlow

    New layout is very nice and clean mate. Keep up the good work!

    God Bless

  2. Sean Farrell

    absolutely loving nostos, great job man
    .-= Sean Farrell´s last blog ..New Projects =-.

  3. Robert Anthony

    I was staring at the Nostos logo waiting for the hands to come, then bam! They slap me in the face! That’s the first time in a while I actually smiled and said out loud “oohh”. Good job on all the logos.

  4. Ariel Zal

    Voto por cloud, tiene un increible nivel de sintesis, admiro muchisimo a los creativos que con un solo detalle crean algo grandioso. Saludos a todos desde Argentina
    .-= Ariel Zal´s last blog ..K-W-L Demo Class =-.

  5. Alfeo


  6. Matty

    Love the Nostos logo on the black background. Like robert I did not see the hands instantly and then you see them and think I wish I had thought of hands like that for a logo! Works really well, excellent work.
    .-= Matty´s last blog ..Threadless Tshirt Giveaway at jaypeeonline.net =-.

  7. Payam Azadi

    Really storng work and thank you for the free stuff.


  8. Juci

    😉 layout simple and sophisticated, a delight for the eyes, I am perplexed by creativity designed in ways that simple …

    😉 layout simple and sophisticated, a delight for the eyes, I am perplexed by creativity designed in ways that simple …

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