Provo Canyon School Design, Utah

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Provo Canyon School is located in the state of Utah – attracting tourists each year for its geography, innumerable places of leisure, hiking trials and water sports. The campus for boys is located at Provo and the girl’s campus in located at Orem.

The Wasatch mountain valley surrounds Provo; winter and summer provide varied experiences and colors. The change from flowers and greenery to white blankets of snow is remarkable to watch. The Mount Timpanogos displays the beauty of the weather with the changing seasons. The mount extends to a height of 11,700 feet and is home to many species of wildlife.

The Provo Canyon School has been treating students for problems relating to difficulties in learning, violent or difficult behavior, and emotional problems. Set up in 1971, the school has treated more than five thousand children for similar problems. The school has a no-nonsense approach and tries inducing discipline and a sense of self-responsibility in the students.

With more than three and half decades of experience, Provo Canyon School has build up a team of nurses, supervisors and therapists. Every student admitted to the school has a therapist assigned to them, so there are no students that would say: “I need help with a math problem” left. Parents do not have to worry about the lack of attention. The treatment includes residential facilities. The parents can keep themselves updated about their child’s progress through weekly telephone conversations with the child and the child’s therapist.

Apart from the treatment plan for children with emotional and learning problems, the school has a separate program for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Other treatment programs involve eradication of addictions of alcohol and drugs.

The treatment, apart from many activities, including fundraisers and celebration of particular days, includes hiking and camping trips to Northern and Southern Utah. These include activities like river rafting, skiing, and other outdoor sports. This treatment plan is called TWW (Theory Without Walls). At a time, eight students are taken on a trip, accompanied with a supervisor, and a trained staff responsible for the safety of the students.

After a certain period of stay at the school, the students will be handled extra responsibilities including that of taking their own medicine. This responsibility is provided based on the behavior of the student. A supervisor ensures that the medicine is taken and aids the student in case of any complications or side effects.

Although the Provo Canyon School has made a long journey in comparison to other similar schools, the institution believes it has lot to learn and gain experience from.

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