Siah Design Re-brand Process

For quite a while now I have been wanting to do a re-brand as I felt my old identity was not up to my standards. I felt the type was outdated and that the icon was a little too hard to figure out and also unrefined. As most designers probably know, it is very hard to come up with an identity that you are 100% happy with. We always tend to be extra critical of our own work.


old logo

Old website:

old web site

With my new logo I wanted something clean, creative, conceptual and fresh.

One of the many, many pages I filled with sketches:


I really wanted to have a strong concept for my new logo, something I could find a lot of significance in.

I eventually developed an icon that involved a hand and a pencil.

Hand/Pencil sketch:

hand sketch

Eventually the the idea evolved to make just the index finger pointing.


siah design logo

The pencil forms a hand to symbolize what I do. The index finger pointing up shows that I am a creative director. Other keywords that could be interpreted by the icon are: choose, number one, looking up, move forward.

The main concept I find significant about the design though is that the hand is pointing up symbolizing that I am giving credit for any creativity I have to God.

siah logo

My ‘brand’ new mark:

siah logo

The 2″ x 2″ business cards”

biz cards

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new website and logo!

Best regards and happy Easter!
Josiah Jost

Romans 5:6-8

64 thoughts on “Siah Design Re-brand Process”

  1. Georgia

    This is a brilliant and wonderful design. I’d love to see more of your designs. 🙂

  2. lynneice

    is the “S” created in the negative space intentional? Before reading the breakdown I thought it was your starting point for finalizing the design. It’s a really iconic logo!

  3. Ereka

    Absolutely love this! It’s simple but powerful.

  4. Tirtha Ray

    Very creative. I love the whole idea behind your logo. 🙂

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