Siah Design’s New Website Launched with New Logo!

Hello! Welcome to the new site!

Siah Design Logo Splash

The site has a completely new look with new features and now powered by WordPress! Please look around and check out the updated portfolio. Check back often as I will be adding new work, free downloads, logo, web and print design articles and much more

I had the toughest time coming up with a design/identity that I was completely happy with. I’m sure most designers can relate to having difficulty finding an identity

for themselves.

Siah Designs New Identity

After hours of experimenting and sketching I finally came up with a relatively simple icon for my graphic design services. The reason I like it enough to actually MAKE it my identity is the concept behind the logo. The ‘S’ and the ‘d’ for Siah Design form an EYE. It symbolizes that the Design is looking through the eyes of Siah (me). And as a side note, a friend pointed out to me later that it also works well to have an eye as my nickname, Siah, is pronounced, “S-EYE-AH”.

Ideas Along The Way...

I kept the color to black for my new identity as I really wanted to present my logo in it’s cleanest form.

Old Identity For Siah Design


Would love to get some feedback or advice from you all. The comment section is below. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Siah Design’s New Website Launched with New Logo!”

  1. Debie

    I like the new design. I think the water splashing like that is really nice. Have fun with this site, I look forward to seeing all you do.

  2. MIsbah Khatri


    I saw your designs and also your portfolio in Your work is superb and great. Really a very nice designer. I m also a web designer. Fel free to contact me.
    Keep the good work up !!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. Web Designer

    Amazing work done by you guyz, specially logo is owsome, I m designer as well and try to find out new things and I found your’s. keep it up

  4. Web Design & Development

    Logo concept is amazing. Our company is actively looking for experienced logo designers. Your work is super awesome. I’d forward your designs if you allow.

  5. josiahjost

    Yes, feel free. Thanks!

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