Social Bookmarking Sites! A Brief Rundown


How much can these sites increase traffic to your site and bring in clients?

I’ve been doing research lately and following my Google Analytics and I’ve found that a lot, if not the majority, of the traffic comes from social bookmarking sites. It seems nowadays people really rely on these sites to find interesting content. I think it’s definitely worth it to sign up to these sites and submit your blog posts or work to these sites. It may not alway bring in a lot of visitors, but at least it increases the chance of traffic.

Which are the best sites?

So far my stats point that ‘StumbleUpon’ has brought in the most traffic for me – but overall I would say I like ‘Digg’s’ set-up better. I haven’t had the time to really go in depth with all the sites but I have experimented with: Mixx, Design Float, Mister Wong, Delicious and Reddit. All of them have their own strong points in my opinion. There are so many social bookmarking sites out there it is almost overwhelming.

Here is link to the Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites according to eBizMBA.

Most the sites only take about 2 minutes to sign up to and it’s quick and easy to submit a story/link.

How Should I Integrate Social Bookmarking Buttons/Widgets for My Posts?

I opted to use the Add to Any button that is available here:

It is easy to integrate and covers basically all the bookmarking sites worth mentioning. Although, you may want to considering targeting one social sites and make it more obvious by having specific buttons pertaining to the social site. e.g. DIGG button, DELICIOUS button, etc. These buttons are usually made available at the social bookmarking site of your choice.

Here are some social bookmarking sites as well as some other places you can find me:

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